When you start looking around at used forklifts for sale, the first consideration should be given to what you can afford (budget), where do you want to use the forklift (outside/inside), the required lifting capacity and whether you need a diesel or electric forklift. Once a decision is made on the type of used forklift you are interested in, good business sense requires you to test and inspect the forklift of your choice. Here are five features to look for and to pay attention to:

1. History of Used Forklift

What is the history of the forklift and where has it been used? This will give you an idea of the forklift’s treatment and condition. Ask to see the maintenance records to determine whether it was serviced regularly and by a reputable company. 

2. Forks and Mast

Inspect the forks for any cracks or bends possibly caused by overloading. Also, remember to check the fork heels for signs of wear. Look to see if the mast has any cracks or welds, and ensure the mast pins, tilt and side-shift cylinders are secure with no leaks. 

3. Lift Chains and Mast Rails

Are there any cracks or welds that could affect the structural integrity of the mast? Do the mast rollers show signs of excessive wear? Follow the length of the lift chains after inspecting the rollers to look for damaged or missing links or anchor pins. 

4. Body Inspection

Walk around the used forklift and check the body for any signs of damage. Is there any damage to the canopy main supports or are there bends? Inspect the chassis for any welds, cracks or signs of repair or modification. Then check the tire quality.

5. General Operation and Engine

Sit in the operator’s seat. Take note of the condition of the seatbelt as well as whether the seat is secure. Start the forklift and listen for any strange sounds coming from the engine. Check the hydraulic levers and lights and drive the forklift in various patterns to test steering and braking responsiveness. 

All JAC forklifts are manufactured to ISO 9001, 1400 and 18001 standards.  Universal Forklifts Limited not only offers used diesel or electric forklifts for sale, but also service all forklifts. Contact us today if you are interested in any used forklifts that are for sale.