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Electric Forklifts

Universal Forklifts stocks a multitude of superior quality new forklifts for sale, including a collection of electric forklifts. Electric forklifts are powered by electricity, and are alternatives to diesel forklifts and gas forklifts. Here are a few reasons why they may be the right option for you and your business. 

The Benefits of Electric Forklifts

Substantially Less Noise

One of the main reasons why a buyer may decide to purchase electric forklifts is because they emit substantially less noise than many other types of forklift. 

Fuel Source Is Always on Hand

Of course, there is the added benefit of the fact that you will never need to worry about keeping fuel on hand at all times – your electric forklift’s fuel source is always on hand when you need it, and as long as you keep the battery charged before performing big jobs, there should not be any concern for unplanned for down time. 

Require Less Maintenance and TLC

Many professionals prefer to use electric forklifts because they require less maintenance and TLC than other models. For example, while a diesel forklift has an engine, transmission and a radiator, an electric forklift only has a motor. Fewer moving parts means a reduced need for maintenance in the long run – and there is a lot less that can go wrong and require repairs. 

Able to Perform Heavy Lifting Duties

Most electric forklifts have been designed to perform heavy lifting duties. This is thanks to their lower centre of gravity, which helps to stabilise them. They also tend to have a superior turning radius, which boosts productivity and enables them to carry heavier loads when necessary. 

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Finally, battery and electric forklifts are celebrated for being the ‘greenest’ forklift option, ideal for those companies that are focusing on reducing their carbon footprint. 

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