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Diesel Forklifts

Here at Universal Forklifts, we stock a wide array of high-quality diesel forklifts, both new and used. Diesel forklifts are powered by diesel, and are an alternative to electric forklifts and gas forklifts. Below, we discuss the benefits of investing in diesel forklifts for your business. 

The Benefits of Diesel Forklifts

Low Running Costs and High Efficiency

First and foremost, diesel forklifts are some of the cheapest forklifts to run. They are also known to be more efficient than many other types of forklift. 

Durable and Hardy in Wet Weather

You will definitely want to consider investing in them if you plan to use your forklifts predominantly outdoors. Most diesel forklifts have been specially designed to work outdoors and have been created to be extra hardy when it comes to withstanding things like wet or humid weather. This means that they are very durable options that will help to stretch your money further. 

Impressive Performance

From a performance perspective, diesel forklifts are impressive when it comes to improved acceleration, speed and driveline torque at low RPM. Most of these types of forklifts are also created to handle any hydraulic additions.

No Down-Time Worries

You should consider buying diesel forklifts if you are worried about down time affecting your business. The great news is that when fuel is low, all that you need to do is fill up the tank and you will be able to get to work again immediately. 

Bigger Loading Capacity

Finally, diesel forklifts are known to have a bigger loading capacity, making them ideal for use in the industrial industry where forklifts are required to move heavier loads. You can also park most diesel forklifts anywhere you choose, further adding to the convenience of owning one. 

For more information about the diesel forklifts for sale at Universal Forklifts or about the other types of new forklifts currently available, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.