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About JAC

JAC is a World Renowned brand in the Automotive industry.  JAC Forklifts were established in 2003, and produce 20,000 forklifts per year.  With great support from the parent company, JAC has access to advanced technology and incorporates the state-of-the-art technology into their product.  The company has earned ISO9001, 1400, and 18001 certificates, and all our forklift trucks have been CE certified.

Designed for your business.

Whether you’re looking to replace or add new forklifts, we offer both sale and hire options.

We offer highly competitive prices for both purchase and hire to support your business, so you’re assured of quality new forklift trucks that will raise all standards.

Our products can be classified into 15 series, including 1- 25T diesel forklift, 1-5T electric forklift, and 1-3.5T gasoline and LPG forklift.

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Diesel Forklift

When you work outside with your forklift truck, you may need much power for lifting. A JAC diesel forklift will be your right choice. We supply the J Series diesel forklift from the Chinese manufacturer.

According to their load capacities, our forklifts are classified into 1-3.5T diesel forklift and 4-10T diesel forklift.

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D-3tGasoline LPG Forklift

As a forklift truck manufacturer in China, JAC provide the J series two series of gasoline LPG forklifts.  These forklifts are powered by gasoline or LPG. LPG is a clean burning fuel, which means there is less wear caused to the components like the spark plugs, thus making LPG forklift trucks easier to maintain.

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Electric Forklift

Electric forklifts are powered by electric motors, and operate via robust traction batteries with a long service life. Using an electric forklift, you have no need to worry about the noise and exhaust gas pollution. As people attach importance to environmental protection, electric forklift are gradually replacing the internal combustion forklifts.

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