You have come to the decision that buying a forklift for sale, as opposed to hiring a forklift, is the right decision for your company. The question now is which one do you invest in? Below are four further questions to ask yourself when exploring the options available to you. 

1. Should I Buy a New or Used Forklift for Sale?

Any forklift company will be able to offer you a choice between new forklifts and used forklifts for sale. There is no right or wrong option, but merely the option that best suits the needs and budget of your business. If you are struggling to come up with the capital necessary to invest in a new forklift in the short-term, buying a used forklift is probably the way to go. Just remember that, in the long-term, you may end up paying a bit more in maintenance and repair costs. If you are looking to buy a new forklift in an effort to make the most of the latest technology available, you cannot go wrong with a new forklift. The initial cost layout will be substantially more, but if you require a high-end model, which will ensure maximum longevity and functionality, it will undoubtedly be worth it. 

2. Will I Be Conducting Work Indoors, Outdoors or Both?

Some types of forklifts are designed only to be used outdoors, while some are designed for exclusive indoor use. For example, most diesel forklifts for sale are used outdoors and most electric forklifts for sale are used predominantly indoors. However, if you are looking for a new or used forklift that can do both, you may want to consider a gas model. Many gas forklifts allow for seamless indoor and outdoor operation. 

3. What Are the Operating Conditions?

Will the forklift be operating on uneven ground or in wet, muddy conditions? If so, this will play a role in determining which model is the right choice for your business. Different classes of forklifts are suitable for different types of conditions. 

4. Will the forklift Be Required to Lift Particularly Heavy Loads?

Not all forklifts perform in the same way. Each model has its own unique strengths, so while one may be designed to lift heavy loads, another may be designed to optimise speed. Even if a new forklift is designed to lift heavy loads, it will have a specific loading capacity. Therefore, be sure to take detailed measurements and weights of the loads it will need to lift before handing over the cash. 

Regardless of whether you are searching for new or used forklifts for sale, you can be sure to find only the best in Ireland right here at Universal Forklifts. Take a look at our impressive range of options or give us a call today.